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pHKapa Setup

pHKapa has two administration areas

  • One for users and access → key icon → http://{your-url-for-pHKapa}/access
  • Other for pHKapa setup → wrench icon → http://{your-url-for-pHKapa}/admin/phkapa

This topic is about pHKapa setup.

    **Please be careful**.
    Entering "Tickets" and "Actions", you have total control over fields and its values and you can change data freely.

Classify Tickets

Each ticket are classified with fields like Type, Origin, Process, Activity, Category, Supplier, Priority, Safety, Cause.
Each of these fields are presented on tickets with select boxes containing option values.
Fill up your tables with your business options.

Classify Actions

Actions are registered on PLAN stage.
Each ticket can have many actions, and each action is classified with a Action Type, like corrective, preventive or others.

Classify Action Types

Action types are managed on menu Action Type , and you can have as many as you want.
When checking “Verification” option for Action Type you set “Action Effectiveness” as required VERIFY stage.


One important topic is relations between tables.

  • User belongs to one or many Processes.
  • Process has one or many Activities and Categories.
  • Category has one or many Causes.

On pHKapa each user are only allowed to access self registered tickets or tickets classified with user related processes.
Same rule to receive notifications.
Imagine you have a user for “Administrative Support Tickets”, create a process for “Administrative Support” and assign it to this user, this user will have access to tickets on “Administrative Support” process.

Assign one or more Processes to Users

  • Goto ( Menu → Users → Edit ).
  • Assign Processes to Users.
  • Remember this feature will set tickets access and notifications for each user.

Be aware that you must check ACCESS, if users are allowed for pHKapa.
Users that does not have allowed for pHKapa or at least for one of it's children, will not be available in pHKapa Setup.
Check users and access at → http://{your-url-for-pHKapa}/access

Assign one or more Activities to Processes

  • Goto ( Menu → Processes → Edit ).
  • Assign Activities to Process.
  • On REGISTER stage when you select a process activities list will be updated with process related activities.

Assign one or more Categories to Processes

  • Goto ( Menu → Processes → Edit ).
  • Assign Categories to Process.
  • On REGISTER stage when you select a process categories list will be updated with process related categories.

Assign one or more Causes to Categories

  • Goto ( Menu → Categories → Edit ).
  • Assign Causes to Category.
  • This will filter Cause options by category at PLAN stage.
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