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Users and Access

pHKapa has two areas

  • Key icon → Users and Access permissions → http://{your-url-for-pHKapa}/access
  • Wrench icon → pHKapa Setup → http://{your-url-for-pHKapa}/admin/phkapa where you define at witch business process the users will work. This means that, if you associate a user to Information Systems process, this user will have access to Tickets with Information Systems process assigned. By default all users also has access to self-registered tickets.

With this two access protocols you can control at which business process a user will work on ( → Wrench icon → pHKapa Setup ) and also where ( ateg they can access tickets ( Query, Register, Review ….. → key icon → Users and Access )

This topic is about users and access permissions.
Users and access layer ha many dynamics, you should take a minute to study it first.

Run your app access panel at http://{your-url-for-pHKapa}/access

Create Groups

Your access can be organized by groups, so when you assign a group as parent node to users, or to other group, they will inherit parent access settings.

By default pHKapa has already default Groups ( Administrator and User ) , but you can create more Groups like Visitors, Auditors to organize you pHKapa access settings.

Click “ACCESS” , shows a List of groups, users and access settings.
To create a new group select Menu → Add Access.
At User field select Group Type option.
At Name field insert group name.
AT Parent Node field select [No Parent] option or other, this group will inherit parent node access configuration, unless you edit it later.
You may set access settings to groups, so when you assign a group as parent node to users or other groups, they always inherit parent access settings.

Create Users

Click “USERS” , shows a List of users and groups.
To create new user select Menu → Add User and fill form with fields ( Name, Email, Username, Password and Active )
Active field is a flag to enable and disable Users.
You can assign a group as parent node to user, this user will inherit parent group access settings.

Set Access


    Type Group option is used to create new groups.
    Users are only available to add, when are active and doesnt have any access configuration.
    Check Create Users ( just above ) to enable / disable users.
    On selecting a user name , name field is disabled, by default equals the user name.

Click “ACCESS”….
To set a new user select Menu → Add Access Control.
At “User” select box you have Type Group option and available User names to select.
Choosing parent node this user/group will inherit the parent node access configuration.

Save , do the same for other users / groups.

After this, use Edit option to set individual access settings, options are allow / deny.

   Access Tree ...
    Total -> Total Access ( keep this one only allowed for admin users ) 
      pHKapa -> Access to all pHKapa 
        Administration -> Access pHKapa Setup ( http://{your-url-for-pHKapa}/phkapa/admin. )
          Query -> Query Ticket
          Register -> Register Tickets
          Review -> Review Tickets
          Plan -> Plan Actions
          Verify -> Verify and Evaluate Actions

Here is a settings example for “Jonh Doe” , only allowed to Query , Register and Plan.

    Total [ Denyed ] , not a super admin.
      Phkapa [ Denyed ] , not a total access pHKapa user.
        Administration [ Denyed ], not a pHKapa setup user.
           Query [ Allowed ] , allowed to query tickets.
           Register [ Allowed ] , allowed to register tickets.
           Review [ Denyed ] , denyed to review tickets.
           Plan [ Allowed ] , allowed to plan actions.
           Verify [ Denyed ] , denyed to verify plan actions.
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