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Other settings exist.
For pHKapa CLOUD this can olny be changed by pHKapa support service.


edit app/Config/database.php.install file for database settings, and save as database.php


edit app/Config/email.php.install file for email settings, and save as email.php

More Settings

edit app/Config/bootstrap_phapp.php file for some settings like language, date format, currency format, site maintenance, activate/deactivate plugins and others.


Your default language is defined at
Configure::write('Config.language', 'eng');
Use 'eng' for English , 'por' for Portuguese, 'deu' for german , 'spa' for german ….
More information on how to translate to your language at Translate.

Time Zone

Your selected timezone is defined at
Configure::write('Config.timezone', 'Europe/Lisbon'); settings for Europe/Lisbon.
This setting is used on dates and time fields and database records.
If your server is set with a different time zone, you can use this setting to inform pHKapa to use your local timezone.
list of time zones supported

Date Format

pHKapa has many fields that are “Dates” , configure 'dateFormat' and 'dateFormatSimple' to change the data format for pHKapa.
Configure::write('dateFormat', 'd-m-Y H:i:s');
Configure::write('dateFormatSimple', 'd-m-Y');
more about date format


look for other settings configuration group.
Configure::write('currency', 'EUR'); EUR , GBP, USD


pHKapa has a maintenance mode, just set.
Configure::write('maintenance.start', '10-04-2013 19:20'); change '10-04-2013 19:20' to the start date
Configure::write('maintenance.duration', '2'); and '2' with duration in hours
Configure::write('Maintenance.offline_destroy_session', true); true or false , with true - Offline will destroy user sessions

When your server reaches 10-04-2013 19:20 the pHKapa app will go to Maintenance mode for 2 hours and automatically logout all users.
This is useful when you are updating your pHKapa for some reason.


pHKapa has a revision behavior for tickets and action records, this allow you to track all changes made in your records.
Settings for revision / history behavior by default are only available for Ticket and Action tables.
Configure::write('Revision.tables', array('Ticket','Action')); Use Ticket , Action or Both


pHKapa has lots of plugins, you can enable or disable plugins at any time.
Just comment/uncomment CakePlugin::load functions.

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