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pHKapa nonconformity management software allows you to generate ticket requests that routes through register, review, plan/implement, and verification stages, providind effective mechanisms to determinate the source and costs of problems.


pHKapa is designed to help register, correct and eliminate the root causes of nonconformities.
Ensuring that corrective and preventive action is a vital closed loop system of root cause analysis, documented action, verification of effectiveness, and prevention of recurrence.


Implementing immediate solution for the nonconformity ( CAPA ).
Help the performing of CAPAS to eliminate the root causes of Nonconformities.
Executing a flexible Action Plans.
This procedure applies to identified product, process, system nonconformities and problematic performance with respect to internal quality, manufacturing, customer complaints, work safety issues and discrepancies cited during internal audits and external audits (e.g., Supplier, ISO).

Create Users and Access

First thing to do before using pHKapa is create your Users and define access settings.
Only with administrator accounts you can create Users and define Access settings, to do this you must enter access area → Key Icon → http://{your-url-for-pHKapa}/access .
More info at Users and Access .

Users loaded with demonstration are : admin , quality , op , macs , mcb , rec , cd , hr , aaf , phkapa

Default user password equals username → username : quality , password : quality

Fill Classification Tables

Next task is fill up your ticket and actions Classification Options.
Each ticket/action is classified with fields like Type, Origin, Process, Activity, Category, Supplier, Priority, Safety, Cause.
Fill up your tables with your business options.
More info at pHKapa Setup ( Classify Tickets ) .

One important topic is relations between classify tables.
It works this way, at Register, when you choose a Process, Category and Activity fields are loaded automaticaly only with Process related values.
When a ticket reaches PLAN stage, Cause field options is loaded only with Cause values related to Ticket Category.
More info at pHKapa Setup ( Relations ) .

Next task is define each Process a User belongs to.
Go to pHKapa Setup → http://{your-url-for-pHKapa}/admin/phkapa ( Menu → Users → Edit ) .
More info at pHKapa Setup ( User settings ) .

Next task is fill up Action Classification Options.
Each ticket may have many actions, and each action is classified with Action Types, like corrective, preventive or other.
Action types , you can have as many as you want.
More info at pHKapa Setup ( Classify Actions ) .

Ready to START

Now you are ready to START….

REGISTER - Originating a Request

When identified a potentia, actual problem or nonconformance , a request action must be registered and submitted as soon as possible.

Click Menu → Add Ticket and fill values for requested fields.
Origin Date, Type, Origin, Process, Activity, Category, Priority, Safety, Cost ( may put 0 ), are required
How to configure values for this tables? goto pHKapa Setup

After the request is “Saved with success”, it will show up at REGISTER stage list and users related with ticket process will receive notification.
After you have completed your register and all values are OK Click Review. This will “SEND” your ticket for REVIEW stage.

REVIEW - Quality Assurance Review

At REVIEW stage a ticket must have a review by someone responsible, and approve or disapprove as soon as possible.

Here all initially fields can be reviewed and changed, also some review notes can be inserted

Approving a ticket, determines that actions are required.
After you have completed your review and all values are OK. Approve, save and then click Plan to “SEND” your ticket to PLAN stage.

Edit option is always available, but you must edit and save your ticket at least once to have Send to Plan option ( When Approved ) or Close option ( When Unapproved ) available.

Closed Tickets will be available for consulting at QUERY.

PLAN Action Implementation

Whan a ticket arrives to PLAN stage.
You must:

  • Investigate the potential root-cause;
  • Analyze suspect processes and/or operations to determine the specific root cause.
  • Develop, a Action Plan to eliminate the root cause and prevent its recurrence;

You are now ready to register action plan.
This means that it may require immediate or special attention in the time period specified by each action planed.

Click PLAN to access list of tickets at PLAN stage.
Edit Ticket , first submit Cause and Cause Notes ( 5 Whys or other schema ) and then Add planned Actions.


At List Actions / Plan area , to register actions Click Add Action, and fill requested fields.
Action Type, Description, Deadline ( deadline is the number of days this action has to be closed ), Closed

After “Saved with success”, it will show up at List Actions / Plan area.

Every Action Type has a rule defined about action effectiveness evaluation, so when you add at least one action type defined with “Verification” active, you determinate that a ticket must be sent to VERIFY stage for action evaluation.
You can configure each action type at pHKapa Setup → http://{your-url-for-pHKapa}/admin/phkapa , more info at Classify Actions

Some specific UI rules at PLAN stage

Close or Verify menu actions, are only available when Cause field has values, and actions closed.
Close option will be available when ticket has no actions.
Send to Verify option will be available when ticket has all actions Closed and at least one action type that requires Effectiveness Evaluation otherwise it will be Close option available.

VERIFY Follow-up Verification

Once implementation of actions are complete, must be performed a follow up verification to assess and determine its effectiveness.
Click VERIFY → View and go to Actions area, for each action listed select Edit and insert values for requested fields.
Action Effectiveness, Effectiveness Notes

Only after all actions requiring evaluation are evaluated , a Ticket is able to be Closed.
On Close users related with ticket process will receive notification.

REPLAN a ticket takes it back to PLAN workflow.
On REPLAN users related with ticket process will receive notification.
OPEN A NEW RELATED TICKET is a simple feature that allows to REGISTER new tickets related with already existing tickets.
This automatically opens REGISTER form with some already filled fields with is related ticket values..

Click VERIFY → View Ticket → Menu to find “Replan” and “Open new related ticket” options.

QUERY , List View Export Report

This is the easiest way to get and read information about a ticket, including actions and related tickets.
A search box his available, just fill up with search word and press Enter, or clean to reset search filter.
Searchable fields are ticket id, Ticket description, Priority name, Safety name, Type name, Process name, Origin name, Category name, Activity name, Cause name, Supplier name and Workflow name.

Export to CSV

Click QUERY → Menu → Export to CSV and select range dates to be appliyed on ticket's Origin Date as filter to export values.
A CSV format file will be downloaded, easy to use on your spreadsheet or database program.
Use this file to easily create your reports or import data to other software.

Open Report

Click QUERY → View → Menu → Open Report.
Print Report is based on browser print capabilities, relying on client native capabilities to save as PDF.


pHKapa sends notifications to users when a ticket is registered , re-planed and closed.
When a user belongs to the same process as this ticket, he will receive notification.
If this user has a valid email defined and pHKapa configuration has email notifications on, this user will also receive notification by email.

New Features / Functionalities

pHKapa was developed on the principle of simplicity for effective management of your CAPAS.
But sometimes you need to upgrade with new features according to your needs.
Feel free to contact us, we are here to help you.

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