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pHKapa Nonconformity Management is designed to help you correct and eliminate the root causes of nonconformities, considering the development and efficiency of companies.
A immediate solution to create any kind of action in order to register and help eliminate the cause or avoid potential nonconformities.

Actions, Action Effectiveness, Action Type, Ticktes, Ticket Type, Related Ticket, Attach Documents, Add Comments, Access/Restrict User to Ticket and Stages, Simple Notifications including Email Notification.
Associate Tickets to CAPA Workflow ( Stages ), Activity, Process, Category, Cause, Origin, Priority, Safety, Supplier

History/Revision for Ticket and Action, Verify Ticket/Action User, Modify Ticket/Action User, Close Ticket/Action User, Last Modification User, Last Modification Date, Registar User and many more

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Troubleshooting and Debug

* Official website:
* pHKapa is a complicated piece of software, and is released under Open Source license, it costs thousands of hours to develop and test.If you find pHKapa valuable and if you would consider a donation → Donate
* Community Forum , Help and Mailing List at Google Groups → pHKapa Google Group
* Join project and get access to pHKapa FULL PACK for free. Contribute with new features, pull requests, translations, bug reports … follow development at → pHKapa Repository
* Other subjects contact pHAlkaline

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